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City of York England

2000 years of history.

DSCN0907.JPGlarge_DSCN0570.JPG River Ouse York. (CLICK ON SMALL PICTURES FOR INFO. ) [ img=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/DSCN4292.JPG thumb=https://photos.travellerspoint.com/935071/thumb_DSCN4292.JPG]0c64c890-4ca0-11e8-974a-910747768d93.JPGf7e4fb10-4c9f-11e8-974a-910747768d93.JPGDSCN4276.JPGDSCN4272.JPGDSCN4261.JPGb400ea30-4c9f-11e8-974a-910747768d93.JPGDSCN4227.JPG====Your heading here...=======Your heading here...===[[Your text to link here...[[Your text to link here...

  • ]]====DSCN2339.jpgRIVER TRIPSDSCN2335.jpgRiver Ouse looking towards Scarborough Rail Bridge.DSCN2320.jpgSt. Marys Abbey.DSCN2315.jpg Yorkshire Museum.DSCN2314.jpgObservatory in Museum GardensDSCN2313.jpgRoman Tower in Museum Gardens York.DSCN2309.jpgLooking up Central Tower Minster.DSCN2304.jpg Chapter house in minster. DSCN2303.jpgFive Sisters Window in Minster.DSCN2302.jpg Mansion House .DSCN4297__2_.jpgDSCN4295__3_.jpg Springtime daffodls . ----Having lived in York for nearly 80 years, i probally take it for granted.-- -The history of York goes back nearly 2000 years, to 79AD, being founded by the Romans as Eboracum. Along came the Vikings calling the place Yorvik, they left the city with many sites of interest.---The Medieval and Georgian period gave York some beautiful buildings.---Today being halfway between London and Edinburgh, a train only takes 2 hours either way.-- The city has a Medieval wall, that can be walked round for free. It is about two and a half miles long. The wall is well preserved and the longest medieval wall in England. It is believed 2.5 million people walk the wall each year. A complete circuit takes about 2 hours depending on how long is taken viewing places of interest. There are 45 small towers. There are 4 main Gates { Bars }, Bootham Bar, Monkgate Bar ,Micklegate Bar, and Walmgat Bar.- Walmgate has a Barbican gate also a cafe. Monkgate and Micklegate have small museums. There are two minor gates at Fishergate and Nunnery Lane. Modern traffic have seen the need for arches in the wall. In the springtime the wall mounds are a splash of yellow with daffodils.--The wall surrounds the ancieant city centre, modern York has spread far beyond. The population is over 100,000.----Cliffords Tower is a ruin on a mound , built in the 13th century, it is open to the public., good views of York Minster from the top.The tower is all that remains of a castle built by William the Conqueror-----Nearby is the Castle Museum, inside is a reconstructed Victorian Street.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------To confuse you streets are called Gate,example Coppergate. There are over 30 streets called gate. to confuse even more the Entry Gates are called Bars. ( not for drinking at )--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Shambles is a narrow medieval street, orgininally for butchers, now tourist shops. It is said that it is possible to shake hands across the upper stories..-- The Mansion House is the residence of the Lord Mayor during his or her term in office. York is the second important Lord Mayor to City of London. York has two rivers , the Ouse and Foss, boat trips are possible on the Ouse.-------- The worlds largest and best rail museum is in Leeman Road near the rail station. There are over 100 locomotives British and from other countries. Admission is free. There are two main halls on either side of the road , joined by a foot tunnel. A tip is, if you are apprroaching the museum on foot from the city centre, use the pedestran tunnel on Leeman road, the other side of the road the path is in with the traffic.----On the road towards,( Yorks pride and joy) the Minster, on the left is the Museum Gardens in here is St Marys Abbey ruin, Yorkshire Museum, The Hospitium, the Observitory, the Roman Multangler tower from 79AD.-- The gardens are the location for Royal Gun Salutes for royal birtdays etc.---- Admission to the gardens is free, but the Yorksire museum there is a charge--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- York Minster is the largest Gothic Cathedral north of the Alps. On one side is Deans Park and the other Deangate. The official name is Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter York. It is 524 ft long, 249ft wide,. The twin west towers are 184ft high, and the Lantern tower 234 ft high. There have been churches on this site from Roman times, the present buildibg from about 1220 AD. The stained glass windows are its treasure in about 130 windows. There is an ajoining Chapter House by way of the vestibule from main Cathedral. Today there is a admmision charge to the Minster.-------------I"m proud to live in the City of York.-----------PS> Since 1970 the County of Yorkshire as been divided in North,West ,East .South and the City of York. Before 1970 it was divided into 3 Ridings plus City Of York. A Riding means a third derived from a Danish word Thiridding. The Ridings were North, West and East. ( no South )--Yorkshire is Englands largest County, its boundary is over 600 miles long. Yorkshire locals call their County " Gods Own County " -- I still live in the house i was born too, from the front garden gate York Minster Central tower can be seen. When a school boy the City boundary was 500 yards away,today its miles away.-------------------Bootham Bar is one of the four main entrances to the City of York, it is on the site of the Roman entrance. This building is from the 11th century. In 1501 AD ,a door knocker was installed, because Scots were required to knock first to gain entry to the City. Permission was then granted if ok, by the Lord Mayor or York.

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